Governor Greg Abbott’s leadership and policy priorities have harmed the Latino community in Texas. Because of Governor Abbott’s rhetoric and policy choices, we are continuing to see targeted attacks on the Latino community through the passage of voter suppression bills, lack of Medicaid expansion during a pandemic, and constant anti-immigrant rhetoric from our state leadership. This election cycle, Latinos are 30% of the state’s electorate, and we will make our voices heard and hold Governor Abbott accountable to our community.


Join our new campaign, #BastaAbbott, where we highlight how Governor Abbott has failed the Latino community and hold the Governor accountable to the policy priorities of our community.


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“Mi Familia Vota is committed to building Latino political power. Texas is becoming more Latino, and our economy is getting stronger because of Latinos; Latinos are working, and we deserve better. We deserve better state leaders and policies. To get better, we must demand more, and we can do that at the ballot box in November.”


Héctor Sánchez Barba

Executive Director and CEO, Mi Familia Vota