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In recent elections, Mi Familia Vota has played an enormous role in mobilizing Latino voters in such highly contested states as Arizona and Nevada, and are excited to announce that we are now expanding their efforts to North Carolina, where there are over a million Latinos. The election was decided by only 1.34% in 2020, these are electoral votes that we can win by investing in more intensive organizing right now.

Utilizing our #Basta campaign, we will kick off our new efforts in North Carolina to engage progressive Latino voters  with a communication campaign targeting extremist state legislators, especially those who have sponsored anti-immigrant bills.  We will be focusing our efforts in Congressional Districts where we have the best chance to pick up a seat.


We continue in our commitment to fight for Latino political power by working to build a pluralistic democracy that works for all by engaging progressive Latino voters in the geographies where they will determine the 2024 election outcomes. That is why we are proud to expand to North Carolina both in the presidential and gubernatorial races.


Your donations help us to keep building community to mobilize Latino voters. Join us.